Summer Academy – Young International Professionals (YIP)

Corona adjustments Summer Academy 2021

We aim for a super Summer Academy! So let’s hope it can go ahead🤞🤞 In our plan we apply the current rules:

  • 1.5m social distance for 18+
  • 2m distance with music making

Around April 10 we’ll take the decision as to whether we can go ahead or not. If we can, we will make the necessary adjustments in the following months to adhere to the government regulations and guidelines. 

For (almost) graduated flute professionals, up to age 30
Dates 18 – 24 July, 2021
Participants Max. 12
Price €750 (course, if Covid permits shared rooms, meals)
€900 (course, lodging single rooms, meals)
Place Akoesticum, Ede (NL)
 Applications closing date April 19, 2021


  • soon to be graduated or recent graduates from a full-time flute study
  • c. 21 years old up to the age of 30

Together with your fellow YIPers you will take part in one-to-one lessons, themed lessons, masterclasses, technical clinics, coaching sessions with pianist Andrew West, flute orchestra, warm-ups with and without flute and workshops.
Some of the programme will be together with 15 students in the Neflac Teenager & Talent Class (NTK).


Sunday: introduction, presentation concert, relaxed evening.

Monday – Friday

  • daily warm-ups, with and without flute, one yoga & one Alexander Technique session
  • two individual lessons and one masterclass with Emily Beynon
  • coaching session with pianist Andrew West
  • individual clinic, ensembles and flute orchestra
  •  evening workshops (or free evening)

Saturday morning preparations for the Final Concert start. The form this concert will take depends on Covid-19 regulations. In any case, the concert will be live streamed!


‘The teaching faculty is marvelous, especially the rare opportunity to have so much contact time with Emily, the venue and amenities are top-notch, the chance to perform at the Concertgebouw is amazing, and I grew so much and met so many fantastic colleagues, as well as the next generation of Dutch flautists. It was a wonderful experience. I’m also really impressed at the value of the course – its affordability is impressive, and much appreciated!’


‘It was such an inspiring week, different from every other masterclass I attended. I had really the opportunity to try differents things and to see other perspectives. I feel full of new ideas that I am looking forward to develop.’


‘I was pleasantly surprised with how much contact time we had with Emily, Jeroen, Wieke, and Andrew, which was the highlight for me. They were always accessible for a question or an idea, or just to socialize. Although I was initially surprised at how much time we were to spend in rehearsals for large ensemble pieces, I found those experiences really enriching both as a chamber musician and as a teacher (observing how the NTKers learned and responded to feedback in Luna, for example).’


‘I didn’t expected something like that. I thought it would have been more “standard” (warm-up, frontal lessons with teachers…), but now I think it is something more like a full openmind experience. Even the warm-up was different and make me thought to my sensations and my body while playing. In the whole structure, the workshops are not just some external activities to add to the planning, but something that integrate the logical line of this academy. I didn’t expect this huge organization.’

Guest Soloist & Workshop leaders 2021

Santiago Cimadevilla

Santiago Cimadevilla


 bandoneonist, componer, arranger

Elsina Jansen

Elsina Jansen

workshop podium presentation


Jurgen van Harskamp

Jurgen van Harskamp

workshop rhythm, pulse & groove

componer/sound designer

Anne La Berge

Anne La Berge

workshop elektronic music

flute player/improviser/composer

Jacqueline van der Zwan

Jacqueline van der Zwan

workshop tango flute

 flautist/tango musician

Maaike Aarts

Maaike Aarts

Alexander Technique

AT therapist/violonist

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