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DocNet with Covid restrictions…

‘With Covid all of a sudden teaching was no longer business-as-usual. It was great to experience how our group of helpfull colleagues all supported each other’

‘Is was a very succesful DocNet year! I really learned a lot, especially also from the online sessions where we were able to share our ‘Lockdown-sadness’ and online teaching experience.  Without DocNet I don’t think that I would have handled this period as strongly as I have now! And lovely that we could go end the course with 2 ‘live’ meetings.

START DocNet Group 2021

Because of Covid, but also for practical reasons (no travel time!), DocNet 2021 will be completely or mostly online.


Neflac teachers Emily Beynon, Wieke Karsten and Jeroen Bron will provide a basic programme for the sessions, to be finetuned with the input of all participants.

8 online SESSIONS | Sunday morning  10am – 1.30 pm
17 January – 14 February – 14 March – 11 April – 9 May – 13 June – 5 September – 26 September


4 online sessions + 2 live DAYS | live day is from 10am – 5pm
online sessions: 17 January – 14 February – 14 March – 11 April
live days: 13 June – 26 September

free concert for you + 3 students | 24 July 2021 | Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
Final concert of the Neflac Summer Academy (if organised…)

free access to Neflac scores archive
with ±80 pieces for flute ensemble/flute orchestra, selected by Emily Beynon.


Active flute teachers with a flute practice with a.o. pupils between 13 and 18 years. Max 12 participants.


€350 VAT incl. + perhaps small extra for location costs.

  • paying in 4 parts possible
  • costs could be tax deductable as education costs.

Reasonable understanding of Dutch language required!!


‘What a wonderful bunch of people! And how much you all have inspired me.’

‘I have lots of food for thought, material to reading, and a list of repertoire that I’m going to buy. I am really looking forward to discover new things with my students.’

‘There have been unexpected learning moments for me during the weekend. For example the way in which you do teambuilding. It gave me insight and tools I can use for a better group feeling during the projects in my own teaching practice. That will enhance the musicality and our performance, because the students dare to open up more.’

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