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Due to Covid-19 we haven’t
planned any concerts.

Serious and professional, but with the added élan of youth!


The NEFLAC Ensemble consists of 10 players between 15 and 25 years. They all did Neflac courses and are selected by Emily Beynon and Jeroen Bron. The total group is ±25 flute players, so they play in various formations depending on availability.

The NEFLAC Ensemble (2011) plays music from baroque to contemporary. Quality and youthful enthusiasm is guaranteed by the combination of youthful talent with young professionals and top flautists. It’s wonderful to witness the passion and pleasure with which these players perform. Jeroen Bron coaches the ensemble.

NEFLAC ENSEMBLE musicians August 2020

Sarah van der Lijke (13), Melisse Markestein (13), Friso van Kuijk (14), Gudrun Mietes (16), Nina Yanson (17), Kasper Punt (19), Gemma Scherpenzeel (22), Marlinda Wenselaar (22), Nadja Zhelnina (22), Rosanne van Bers (22)

2 CombiConcerts a year!

A Combi-Concert is a combination concert of Emily Beynon, Wieke Karsten & the NEFLAC Ensemble, together with one or more flute teachers and their students. Director is Jeroen Bron.

We gave already Combi-Concerts with flute teachers Gerda Thorn/Liduin Wachter, Machteld Miechels, Francien Post, Alice Ploeg, Jacqueline Ebbers, Erik Verbeek, Kristien van Loocke/Machteld van Geenhoven, and with the flute department of the Conservatorium of Amsterdam.


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