Art Root Collective

After the first succesful and vibrant  jam-session, the next Art Root Open session will take place on  December 13 for Art Root musicians, (ex)refugees and people living in the area.
Because of Covid-19 only participants will be limited to 15. Everyone in the above mentioned groups, playing an instrument or singing, in the age of 18 to 30, is welcome.

In a jam environment, you not only improve your musical skills, you also meet new potential friends. Music is a super connector!
So are you living in the area and would you like to make music with your neighbors? Join us!

Sessionleaders are professional musicians and music teachers Kay Ramati and Hashem Kabreet.

In case the Covid-19 restrictions won’t allow us to organise the session, it will be postponed to a later date. Your application still stands.

At the jam session the Covid-19 rules will be strictly applied.

We believe in the power of creating art together as a katalyst for social cohesion and particpation.

The story of Art Root Collective

The project ‘Makers Collective’ started in the summer of 2017 in Akoesticum as a joint creative music making project of Neflac and de Vrolijkheid under artistic guidance of flutist Maaike van der Linde and violinist Geerte de Koe. No one knew what would be created and what the next steps were going to be. Is it a one off? Will there be a follow up?
Soon it became clear that there was a unique bond in the group of 6 flute players and 14 young artists from several asylum centers. The final concert of this first project was a huge success. Art Root Collective was born.
Now, a few years later, the group has grown to some 55 musicians who meet each other as a whole group or with smaller bands. There were recordings, performances, teaching events and concerts, another summer and winter academy. Art Root Collective is alive and kicking!

Today I sat at the table and thought, is this really me? I feel like a new person. I’m not afraid anymore to talk with people whom I don’t know.  In the asylum seekers centre I have been sharing a room for a year with people and I don’t know who they are. Here I started feeling good immediately. I share a room with a new friend.



Art Root Collective group 2017/2018


<< Art Root Collective group 2019

The idea of being together with a group of people, all with a different story, was of great beauty to me. Any one of us has grown up in a different culture, and opened up during the Art Root Collective creative music making days to share a bit of that culture with the others. Without having known each other before, only after a couple of hours we felt already a close connection. Music is for many people a beautiful way to express themselves. The first evening I became part of a small group who really liked to improvise with me and play music from the heart. I felt truely free! That evening everyone felt a very strong positive energy. If the world, that was so beautiful in the small version that evening, would be the same in ‘the big world’… then we would live in a world where there is genuine respect for each other, where people listen to each other, but especially where people can be themselves. The few days Art Root Collective have given me an unforgettable experience and new friendships that I cherish. Art Root Collective is very valuable and beautiful!

Lidewij de Bonth



Maaike van der Linde

Maaike van der Linde

Flute player and Artistic Director

Geerte de Koe

Geerte de Koe

Violinist and Artistic Director

Kay Ramati

Kay Ramati

Bass player and Producer

Lucine Ellarian

Lucine Ellarian


It’s difficult to describe the feeling how it is to be together with Art Root Collective. Being so close with a bunch of people I haven’t known for long. We don’t see each other that often, but I’m so happy when we meet again, make music together, and do all the little things like a simple game of table tennis.  

Lisette van de Laak

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