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What do you hear on the album. Emily explains…

E. Grieg (arr. J. Bron) – Holberg Suite (Prelude) | Neflac Ensemble
We begin this CD with our ‘theme tune’; the piece with which we have started every concert since our beginnings back in 2009!

J. S. Bach (arr. J. Bron) – Polonaise – Menuet – Badinerie (b minor suite) | Emily Beynon, Neflac Ensemble
How could we not include Bach’s virtuoso Badinerie, quite possibly the most famous flute piece EVER?! This fabulous arrangement by Jeroen Bron is such fun to play!

E. Vloeimans (arr. M. Fondse) – Sojourner | Eric Vloeimans, Emily Beynon, Neflac Ensemble
Those velvety sounds and extraordinary ‘storytelling’ improvisations of Eric Vloeimans – what an inspiring guest soloist he was at the Neflac Summer academy in 2014. The name of the piece refers to the Mars robotic rover that landed on 4th July 1997. Arranger Martin Fondse really puts the entire flute orchestra through their paces… and even challenges them to a spot of singing at the end!

N. Avinée – Le Château Hanté | Neflac Ensemble
Since we first programmed this work in 2013, this work has been a huge hit with players and audiences alike! Think Harry Potter meets John Williams in a haunted castle… the rattling bones are represented by key-clicks and the whistling wind by the spooky chromatic scales – enjoooooy! 👻

A. Piazzolla (arr. J. Bron) – Oblivion | Neflac Ensemble
This most famous Piazzolla number really lends itself to the use of the low flutes. We actually first played this with trombone soloist, Jörgen van Rijen in 2018 but we hope you’ll agree that it works very well in this luscious arrangement for flute orchestra too.

G. McLearnon – Single Yellow Line | Neflac Ensemble
This fun and funky favourite exudes energy; it’s upbeat and utterly cool… and is sure to get your foot tapping!

V. Monti (arr. D. Seldis & J. Bron) – Czardas | Dominic Seldis, Emily Beynon, Neflac Ensemble
This famous, virtuoso gypsy number sounds truly amazing in the virtuoso hands of double-bass maestro, Dominic Seldis! He and Emily’s light-footed flute enter into conversation and later, a competition up into the stratosphere ensues… Who wins? Well, the listener of course!

A. Dvořák (arr. R. van Egeren) – Slavonic Dance Op.72 Nr.2 | Neflac Ensemble
This melancholy, lilting dance displays the flute ensemble’s lyrical capabilities and delight in charming the listener.

T. van Leer (solo M. Ornstein) – Flute Focus | Emily Beynon, Neflac Ensemble
The living legend Thijs van Leer wrote this marvellous medley for his performance for us at the very first Neflac concert back in 2009. Will you be stamping along with us?

I. Clarke – Within | 6 Sense
An evocative solo flute line begins this piece, accompanied by haunting wind sounds. The central section is decidedly groovy with extensive use of beatboxing, microtones and other extended contemporary techniques. Towards the end of the work, after the composer has allowed the piccolo, alto and bass flutes their moment to shine, we are returned to the ebb and flow of the opening wind sounds…

S. Rachmaninov (arr. J. Bron) – Scherzo | 6 Sense
How fitting that a flute academy aimed at encouraging and stimulating young players should include a work by a young composer on their disc, in this case, a 14-year old Rachmaninov! Perhaps more reminiscent of Tchaikovsky or Mendelssohn than the later more familiar Rachmaninov style but no less touching for that. The original orchestral version features a prominent flute part and this delightful arrangement by Jeroen Bron sparkles in every direction.

Trad. (arr. J. Bron) – Brian Boru’s March | Emily Beynon, Neflac Ensemble, Fluitorkest
This is a hugely popular final work of our “combi concerts” and this arrangement of one Ireland’s oldest traditional tunes includes parts for players of all levels. Here we play it with almost 100 flute players.

W. Offermans – Eternal Winds | Neflac Ensemble, Fluitorkest
We commissioned Will Offermans to write this piece to celebrate our 5th anniversary and it was first performed in TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht in November 2014 with almost 600 flute players. “The essence of flute playing is the air, the blowing and the wind. The flute is one of the oldest musical instruments: bone flutes, stone flutes, an almost unlimited variety of ethnic flutes, baroque flutes, up to our modern flutes. Imagining this past, joining the present and with a wink into the future, Eternal Winds was born.”

E. Grieg (arr. J. Bron) – Holberg Suite (Prelude) | Neflac Ensemble, Fluitorkest
We have come full circle and finish this album as we began it, with our ’theme tune’… this time for almost 100 flute players!


Photos below were made at the recording sessions by Irina Zhelnina


Who do we hear on the album?
Soloists Dominic Seldis (double base, Czardas), Neflac artistic director Emily Beynon (flute),  Eric Vloeimans (trumpet, Sojourner).
Flutesextet 6Sense, the Neflac Ensemble and a Flute Orchestra with 1st flute Emily Beynon, Wieke Karsten and 13 flute teachers with 61 students! Lauran Jurrius played Tibetan scales.
Conductor Jeroen Bron.

ALBUM FOR SALE AS OF 9 MARCH on this website and for €10 (ex postage/shipping)

Flute Sextet 6Sense Bénédicte Zeitoun, Maria Cristina Gonzàlez Pérez, Marije Weenink, Rieneke Brink, Rosanne van Bers, Rozemarijn van Egeren

Neflac Ensemble Chantal Brunt, Floortje de la Fosse, Gemma Scherpenzeel, Hanna Jefferies, Janneke Verspagen, Kasper Punt, Klarie Anne Snoek, Marlinda Wenselaar, Marloes van Stormbroek, Nadja Zhelnina, Nina Nederlof, Robin van de Paverd, Rosanne van Bers, Thirza Fekkes

Flute Orchestra Emily Beynon, Wieke Karsten and Flute Teachers Anneke Wouterse, Doretthe Janssens, Else Schaaij, Gemma Gielen, Gerda Thorn, Hannie Veenekamp, Herman Waanders, Liduin Wachter, Lisette van den Broek, Marion Schopman, Mirjam van der Maas, Monika van Lier, Riette Beumer and their students Alied Peen, Alissa Brouwer, Annabelle Olislagers, Anne Capel, Anne Cremers, Anne Lankreijer, Anoek van Rigter, Caitlyn Lippitt, Carolien Schlüter, Chloë Zietsman, Daya Ebbens, Esther Streng, Fanny Durville, Eva Langendoen, Eva Nauta, Esther Brederoo, Fenna van Geffen, Fietje Luyendijk, Floortje Rooseboom, Francisca Vink, Friso van Kuijk, Geke de Geus, Hanneke Tebrugge, Isabel Jansen, Irene Naura, Jackie Nass, Joëlle Scherpenzeel, Josephine van Erkel, Julia Nauta, Juultje Hubertus, Katerina Rikkers, Kenneth Laban, LallaRifa Bakker, Laura van der Haven, Laura Wilbrink, Lilian Pals, Lisette Wagemaker, Lotte Haverkamp, Maartje Boer, Maayke Westhof, Madicken de Bruijne, Malin de Mos, Marjolein Haselager, Marleen Groendijk, Marline Overeem, Marlisa Driece, Milan Bourdrez, Maud Nijstad, Milica Pesalj, Myrna Breure, Noor Wouters, Nora van der Lee, Odil Suyling, Oirla van Ravenzwaaij, Pepper Makkenze, Rebecca Uzorka, Rosa Rooseboom, Rosa-Lynn van de Pol, Samuel Yeung, Sandy Zonder, Seina Kilianova, Sena Hermans, Sophie Sciarone, Stanne van Camp, Stella Octarius, Talitha Kooijman, Tessa den Bak, Tiemen Attema, Willemijn Verburg, Xiao-Xiao Huybers, Yangzhe Wu

🎂 10 Year NEFLAC Album! 🎂

Great acoustics!

Immediately after the New Year started all music has been recorded in the Witte Kerkje in Baarn. March 8 we plan to celebrate the release with a Presentation Concert, again in Witte Kerkje at 7.30pm 🎉

The album project is funded with crowdfunding and charitable donations from amongst others K.F. Hein Fonds and the W.M. de Hoop Stichting.

Crowdfunding   (finished May 9)

GOAL   €3,000
RESULT   €4,057 !!!

Eduardus Lee, Annemarie Burnett, Gonny Roelofsen, Lorna McGhee, Paul Kocken, Karina de Koning, Jos Schiphorst, Gerda Thorn, Duane Warnecke, Rhel, Bryan Bigland, Paul Wolff, Thieu Lammers, Jacqueline Bosboom, Rieneke Brink, Katinka Dirken, Herman Zijltra, Anton Verspagen, Froukje Anne Karsten, Emily Beynon, Bibi Dutry, fam. Beynon, Isabel van Oorschot, Jos Groenier, Antoinette Huisman, Koos Kamphuis,  Cecile Insinger, Ruud Ackers, Julie Bijlstra, Pedro Lopez Campos, Auguste Glastra, Francien Post, Rita van Hasselt, Dolpff Wigbers, Suzanne Wolff, Jan Raes, Floor van Zutphen, fam. Bron, J. Reus, Willemien den Oudsten, Sophie Blom, Maurik Mietes, Marianne Wijbenga, Herman Meijer, Pip van Steen, fam. Karsten, Els van Cranenborgh, Madeline Wolff, Monique Koiter and all backers who have donated anonymously.

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