About us

We believe in a lively flute community where talent can blossom

What we do

courses, coaching & concerts
NEFLAC Ensemble concerts
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Art Root Collective
special projects

Our values

playing together – playing together is a musical world in itself that we want to share with everyone

learning from and with each other – at Neflac we bring people together to grow individually and together

musical voyage of discovery – optimal musical development in a safe and inspiring environment

mental and physical fitness – only under the right conditions, beautiful music can emerge

challenge and convey – the challenge to convince the audience musically and with a striking performance

move along with the times – maintain what is good, adjust programmes when the time is right


A society without music is inconceivable. Music enriches, connects, is good for the development of children and young people, stimulates creativity is above all… is fun to play and to listen to. Music moves everything!!

At NEFLAC (launched 2009) we share our passion for music making and we enjoy nothing more than working with the younger generation. We direct our energy towards connecting flute players wherever in the (international) flute community and help young talents and young professionals with their musical development as a flute player and everything that comes with that. So they can play flute with pleasure, discover the best in themselves and share their music making with others.

Playing together and stage performances are key elements in musical development. Although giving a concert is nerve wrecking, it is an amazing learning experience, and creates a lot of fun and satisfaction for the players. At the same time it is a great opportunity to warm the audience, and the next generation, to flute music and to introduce them to all instruments in the flute family.

Educational Vision

The educational vision of NEFLAC – First the person, then the musician and then the instrumentalist -, is a deep felt reality, which has been established and refined  since the start in 2009. Flute playing is a holistic activity, and therefore we pay attentioon to both mental and physical fitness of our participants. We meete as much as possible the learning wishes and requests of each participants and at the same time we provide insight in the possible developments for the coming educational year.

At NEFLAC we not only provide high-quality education, we also look at, what in scientific literature is known as ‘optimal learning conditions’. Creating a safe learning environment is central to this, mutual respect and a relation based on equality. We make sure all participants are ‘seen’ and ‘known’ (buddy-system, introduction games, time to be together), that all learn from each other (peer-learning, playing together, group lessons, flute orchestra) and that we enlarge the world of the participants by providing organising workshops and getting to know top musicians.

At NEFLAC we learn from and with each other. It’s a place where ambition, fun and musical perspective go hand in hand.




To achieve our vision we direct our energy to make flute playing and listening to flute music more attractive and interesting. With the result that:

  • kids start – and continue – to play the flute, and  develop their talent
  • conservatoires are a balanced mix of Dutch an international students
  • teaching practices are thriving
  • everywhere flute ensembles and -orchestras are alive and kicking
  • the audience enjoys concerts with flute in the lead
  • in the future the flute section of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra also has Dutch flute players in her ranks!
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